Career Advice

Career Advice for Your Son or Daughter

Since I transitioned to my Recruiting career I have been asked many times, “What advice do you have for my son/daughter for the best chances at a successful career?”  Thought provoking for sure.  Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants, etc…… all educations that prepare the college bound to come out of school likely getting a professional position with a good company.  I do not believe any one education is the cure all for all college bound young adults.  All people are different and not all are going to be Doctors, Lawyers or Engineers.

In college I remember a course on public speaking when one of my professors told the class, “You won’t realize this today, but this will be one of the most important courses of your college career”.  Like most young adults I discounted the advice and did not realize until years later the wisdom in his words.  The better prepared you are as a professional to speak in public or impromptu to convey thoughts, plans or projects to your team, the more opportunity you will have to achieve the desired goals in your chosen career as well as to help resolve non-work issues as well.

The best career advice that I have for your son/daughter is to gain skills in public speaking.  Determining the right career path depends on many individual characteristics, preferences, interests and funding, something that is tough to recommend without having detail knowledge of an individual and their situation.  Whichever path is decided however, I do recommend ensuring the education has a healthy component of courses and activities in speech, public speaking and debate.  This will help them to be the most prepared to deal with what their work environment and life have to offer as well as increase their potential for upward mobility and stability in their profession.