Partner With A Recruiting Professional

Partner With A Recruiting Professional

As a professional or executive, you focus far more time on performing your job well and meeting your goals than in the job search and the interview process.  Partner with a recruiting professional to improve your career potential, one that can advise you on career moves and major decisions along your career path.

I talk often with candidates that have made career choices that seemed like a good idea at the time, only to be impacted by the change and deal with career stunting afterward.  Working and building a relationship with a good recruiter that you trust, will help you to foresee some of the pitfalls in career moves.  Decisions that seem like the right move at the time, may have lasting unwanted affects to your career.

For example, taking extended time from your job to deal with family illness or tragedy is a fact of life for some people.  How you do it, however, can support your family needs with continued success, or create a gap that raises a question on your resume.  These gaps unfortunately can cause hiring managers to look past you to focus on other candidates. 

Opportunities with private equity firms are also a situation of risk that can lead to a significant increase from your previous salary.  These opportunities may seem like a great deal.  Quite often including equity when you complete ALL the requirements.  Everything sounds great initially, but what you don’t always realize is the extent of the risk until you are deep into the position.

The decision is yours for who you work with and the path you decide to take in your career.  There are many recruiters out there that will provide input on why a move is good for you.  Keep in mind, recruiters benefit from closing the deal.  Work with recruiters that keep your best interests in mind.  Ensure you make an informed decision, partner with a recruiting professional, ask them for their rationale and consider if the rationale makes sense when making your decision.