Reduce Recruiting Administration Costs

Reduce Recruiting Administration Costs

Reduce recruiting and administration costs by working with competent recruiters that will team with you to consider you and your company’s best interests.  Whether you are working with your internal recruiting team or external recruiters reference the below suggestions to minimize your resume reviews, reduce time to hire, reduce costs (both direct and indirect) and find the best candidates sooner to support your company’s growth.

1. Critical to a streamlined successful search, ensure all stakeholders have met to discuss requirements for this new role and ensure all are on the same page for key requirements. Document these requirements in the position description (PD), or by other means, to insure your recruiters understand your desires.

2. Hiring manager and HR leader should meet briefly, usually about 15 – 20 minutes with the recruiter to address any questions they may have with the information provided. In this meeting perspective like, requirements that cannot flex, company culture, candidate temperament, soft skills desired and other key pertinent information should be provided and clarified.

3. Provide feedback to the recruiting team within 24 – 48 hours (up to 1 week for executives) of conveyed information or steps in the interview process to keep the process moving and keep the candidates interested in order to keep the process moving and act more quickly than your competition.

4. Find professional recruiters that have been successful in industry, maintain an industry network and understand your company and position requirements.

When you find a competent recruiter and work to build your relationship, the above benefits are enhanced, consistency is solidified, and kickoff meeting times are minimized. All of this serves to reduce your recruiting and administration costs and limit your exposure to only the most relevant candidates.  The  benefits of time and cost savings will be enhanced as recruiters learn your preferences of what you are looking for in your ideal candidates.