Always Take That Interview

Why You Should Always Take That Interview

Always take that interview.  Why?  You will at least get practice in the interview process while gaining valuable learning experiences in the interview process.  Not all interviewers approach the interview the same, multiple interviews with different interviewers will help you to pivot and responds appropriately when it counts.  This will help you to assess what went right and what you can improve on for a future opportunity that you really want to land.  You may even determine through the process that this is the opportunity you have been waiting for.  No matter how good you are at what you do, interviewing is a skill that should be practiced and honed so that when you are vying for your dream job, you will be best prepared to thoroughly convey your unique skills and qualities.

A previous blog addressed the STAR process and technique to give you an advantage over your competition in the interview.  Practicing at home with your spouse or trusted friend is not the same as a real-life situation.  In a real interview, where the dynamics of the situation teach you skills and perspectives that are otherwise difficult, if not impossible to plan for, the experience of multiple interviews under your belt is worth its’ weight in gold.  Like anything you do, the more you practice the better you will become.  The prepared mind will always perform better than one who is winging it.

To be clear, nobody wants or should go into any situation with the intent to waste the time of those involved.  If you have found your perfect position and know that no matter what happens in an interview or with the details of a position that you will not make a move, please respect the time of those involved and decline the interview.  However, if you have thought about what is beyond your current position and what could be, make the effort and always take that interview!