Employer Profiles On Your Resume

Employer Profiles On Your Resume

Highlighting prominently your employer profiles on your resume plays a key role in helping the resume reviewer understand your background.  When hiring managers and search professionals review resume’s they work quickly to determine if the candidate is a possible fit for their needs.  Something you can do to help your resume stand out and provide helpful information is to provide a brief synopsis of what your current and previous employers’ business is.  Everyone recognizes the names and products of a Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, etc. but not all companies are as well known.

In your resume, just below the employer’s name, show a brief explanation of what the company does.  Two generic examples are shown below.

ABC Co., City, State

$50M Additive Mfg Co primarily servicing the automotive, retail, chemical and power industries.

XYZ Inc., City, State

$200 million designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-end home textiles and ceramics.

Highlighting a brief description of your employer profiles on your resume such as these will help the resume reviewer to determine quickly the industry, product line, company size, relative responsibility etc.  Other pertinent information that will help them to draw a perspective, level of interest and applicability to the positions they are working can be added as well, but keep this information to 2 lines max.  Italicizing the information helps it to stand out from your work experience as well. 

Understand, hiring managers are busy with their everyday responsibilities and busier during the times they need resources due to the hiring effort and being short-handed.  Help them to notice you by getting the right information in front of them in the format that quickly helps them to understand your background and get noticed.